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This weekend, I attended the CT Innovation Expo, a pretty cool program that the state sponsors for high school students. The event took place at the CT Convention Center, and featured some of the brightest students from across the state. Lots of future coder geeks, gaming geeks, engineers and....creatives.

It was pretty cool to meet the crew from Woodland Regional High School, who have created their own high school ad agency. Called AMP, they provide agency services for any school event.

You probably remember the handmade, lame-o flyers that your friends made for the high school dance. AMP creates, prints, and distributes cool flyers. They'll create MySpace pages. And they'll get the word out, for the events they promote.

What an awesome idea. For the event planners that hire them (who better to target teens, than TEENS?), and for the students. These future creative superstars are getting a real-deal look at what it's like to work with a client, while building their pre-college portfolios.

Kids weren't this smart, when I was in high school. Nice job.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Darryl..
Thank you so much for posting us up on your blog. I really appreciate it.. The AMP team ended up winning the best buisness plan and a cash reward of $500.00. If you have further questions or anything feel free to email me at - We really hope to further our buisness !

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