meet david. (the intern)

We've been remiss in introducing you to our latest new member of Plaid. David (the intern). You probably already know that there's another David in our office, who's been here way longer than David (the intern). So, we've had David (the intern) change his name. Whenever you refer to him, you'll need to add "the intern" to the end of his name. We're sending him to the DMV to change it on his driver's license, too.

David (the intern) will be with us for the first half of the summer, where he'll be washing employee cars, sharpening pencils, and removing gum from the bottom of sneakers. Important stuff that the rock stars of Plaid don't have time to do themselves.

We believe that the light bulb above his head isn't actually part of our lighting system - but an indication that David (the intern) just had a brilliant idea. Once he's done uncrumpling the paper in recycling, we'll give him some time to realize that brilliance.

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