i see dead people.

Walters Schels and Beate Lakotta have produced a most unique exhibition. They've interviewed and photographed people whose lives were coming to an end. And then, photographed them after death, too. Like Heiner Schmitz, an advertising executive, pictured above.

At first, this is uber creepy, but then you realize that it's a window into the thing so many of us fear most. All of the subjects agreed to participate in the project, and wanted to share the story of their death.

An excerpt from the introduction on the website:

The majority of the subjects portrayed spent their last days in hospices. All those who come to such places realise that their lives are drawing to a close. They know there is not much time left to settle their personal affairs. Yet hardly anyone here is devoid of hope: they hope for a few more days; they hope that a dignified death awaits them or that death will not be the end of everything.

(Sorry to be such a downer.)

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Anonymous said...

That is indeed a real downer. But what a beautiful one! Thanks for sharing.

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