green marketing: not painting brands green?

A new report is showing
that people don't necessarily see a company as being environmentally responsible, just because they spent millions of dollars telling them so.

Walmart, GE, and Bank of America, three brands that lead spending (of green) in bragging about their green-ness, weren't perceived as being green. This, by an audience of people who really, really want to know which companies are green.

Would have been fun to do the same survey, using the word greed.

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Anonymous said...

Brands need to realize that most people who truly care about "green efforts" are smart. This means you can't fool them into thinking you are green when you aren't.

Case in point: I recently saw a brand off bottled water whose packaging boasted "New Eco-Friendly Shape Uses 30% Less Material!"

Do they think consumers are totally brain dead? Take that plastic bottle, bury in the ground and come back in 100 years; you'll still have a plastic bottle.

Is the new shape more efficient? Yes. "Eco-friendly?" No.

I quit buying this brand of water. Not because they use plastics bottles, but because they think I'm an idiot.

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