google launches google health

The Google gods have just launched Google Health. Here's a place that users can complete, upload and import their entire medical history. All of their health records in one place.

This could be a massive opportunity for those in the health care industry. Google's available API means that we can now build fanstastical new tools to allow patients things that weren't available before. Think that mashups using Google Maps are exciting? Imagine the things that might be done in health care.

And there's some very interesting discussion going on over at Fred Wilson's blog, A VC. Fred wants to make his health record public, and was surprised that there was no "share" button. That might be a little extreme - but it points to how the world is changing.

This should be exciting for the health care industry. Here's a wonderful tool, backed by Google, that most health care marketers wouldn't be able to develop or manage on their own. Google just eliminated the development budget for them. Now they can integrate into their own tools, and create good things for users all around.

Hooray, Google.


Ben Kunz said...

1. Great post. It's absolutely crazy that the U.S. has no patient-centric records on patient health. My mechanic understands my truck better than my doctor understands me.

2. Nice move by Google (and think of the growing demo group for this service).

3. Note to hospitals: Hey, there's this thing called the internet, and your patients are using it.

Anonymous said...

This could be amazing, or this could be horrific. I'm creeped out by Facebook's big brotherish ad feed. What's going to show up in the sponsored links once Google's got my chart? *shudder*

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