go see a film this week

Film festivals. They're not just for film geeks.

Last night, a few of us from Plaid went to the opening night of the CT Film Festival, and saw a pretty cool film, FlyBoys. (Rob and Steph also designed and produced the site)

We live in the shadow of the Tribeca Film Festival, and about 60 other film festivals. And yet it's so easy to say..."I'm too busy. I'll have to check that out next year." Don't.

There are festivals going on in towns across the globe. You don't have to be in Cannes or New York. New, fresh films. Shown in colleges, halls and small theaters. Places that weren't designed around cupholders and tanks of popcorn - but instead setup to share a visual and emotional experience with an audience. Don't say "next year."

For years, I've said "next year." and this year, I'm glad that I didn't.

If you really don't have any film festivals near you, then check out Green Porno from the Sundance Channel. (It's totally safe for work, and you won't get in trouble by watching this) Probably not as inspiring, but cute. And funny.

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