do your retail stores scare germaphobes?

If you deal with the public, then you probably already know that they're all sticky, and carrying boogers on their fingers, and wiping untold things on your door handles, counters and products.

Some people don't like sticky, booger covered things. And that's created an opportunity for retail environments that can cater to the people with clean hands. Stores like Chick-fil-A are experimenting with new devices that will make life easier for this audience. Like L-shaped door handles.

Little things that make life easier make positive brand impressions. What can you do to cater to this growing, unsticky audience?

(Now excuse me...I just dropped an M&M on the floor, and I need to go find it.)


Anonymous said...

I'm not a germaphobe, but those bathroom door handles do make me take pause.

That said, am I the only one that pictures some kid running full speed into that door to take a pee and snapping someone's radius and ulna??


Giuli said...

Dave - it's your retail experience dream come true!

Unknown said...

I am a germaphobe, and this totally appeals to me...after working retail (and having to clean the in-store public bathroom we had) I really don't want to ever touch the handle on the door to a public loo. I think the "no-door" styles they have in airports are wonderful...

Thanks for posting!

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