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At our office, we're always sending each other great internet finds. Like this beauty.

And I'm an obnoxious ass-hat, when I receive stuff that I've seen before. I usually hit reply to all and just say "olllllllld." Yeah, I'm a really charming guy like that.

Last night, Rob sent this piece. This is the third time I've seen this, since sometime last year. And it made me realize something pretty cool: Great, timeless entertainment will always feel fresh to those who haven't seen it. Even on the internets.

Even the things that have seen millions of views have only reached a small percentage of the internet audience. And that audience grows a little larger, and a little fresher, every day. Think about how many people in your circle of friends outside of the office still don't know what RickRolling is.

Everything old is new again in a year, on the internet.

So here's to keeping it fun, keeping it fresh, and glorious 1970's fashionistas.

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Johnny Virgil said...

Hey, thanks for the link! Glad you like it.

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