what to do with those ugly malls

A recent episode of ScobleizerTV features a tour of the new RackSpace facility, in Austin Texas.

You may find this interesting on a few fronts. They're converting a massive shopping mall in a previously dead neighborhood in San Antonio, to RackSpace headquarters. Imagine having your office in a dead Orange Julius??

In this episode, they tour the space in development, and talk about how they convinced a couple thousand people to move to a neighborhood that was pretty much abandoned. You'd think that with all of that space, that they'd be spread across the joint "I call the Gap! I call the food court!" But instead, they've kept their people tight. To foster community. (A little too tight, in my opionion.)

They've reduced real estate costs, reduced power costs, and have tons of space to have fun in. This is an interesting piece for anyone into urban planning, architecture or workplace design.

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