what to do with that useless watch

The Naughty Secretary Club has a fun DIY project for those old, broken watches. Paint them in florescent colors, and make them the hottest fashion accessories. Such a cool idea. You should even do it to that brand new watch. Everyone knows that watches are so old-school, and nobody needs them for time anymore.

This might also be great for sneakers. I've seen a famous Plaid employee paint some sneakers silver once, and they rocked.

Found on BoingBoing. (They don't need the link, and I'm too lazy to go find it right now. You know where to find them.)

1 comment:

Jennifer Perkins said...

Thanks for reposting the link! You could totally paint tennis shoes. My sister and I spray paint cheap heels to match our outfits all the time and it works on those.

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