a very rare, good copy idea in a banner ad.

When was the last time you clicked on a banner ad? When was the last time a banner ad did anything other than 'make an impression?' In a world where "creative" means Flash rollovers, this was refreshing. It's so rare that copy is even considered in most banners. Usually, it's "re-purpose the art from this or that."

Don't get me wrong - the design here sucks. Beyond bad. The savings copy on the bottom is completely unnecessary. But the ninja copy? Totally sweet.


Anonymous said...

It's stolen from a now famous sign that has been posted on the internet for many years:


darryl ohrt said...

Wow, duckumu. Thanks.

Ok - I'm changing my position. That's the best damn hobo sign ever created.

And that banner ad is a total freakin' ripoff.

darryl ohrt said...

Or...is it GENIUS because it's a parody of an existing internet meme???

A cool attempt at targeting internet workers?

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

I just find the product pairing and the little kid to taste like one of the orange and black stink bugs I used to occasionally chew up as a child.

Oh...and I vote rip off.

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