this week at Plaid:

Here's what happened this week at the world's most happy-it's-like-summer design and branding firm:

We launched Segway Social. This is a pretty amazing social site - that allows Segway owners to connect with each other, across the globe. They can find other owners in their area, create groups with owners they have things in common with, share photos, map their "glides," and so much more Segway goodness.

RJ and Steph, the newest members of Plaid, received their bobble heads. Once they're photographed, they'll get installed onto our agency's site.

A few of us went to check out Matt's band, Pop Heroes, last night. He rocks. Buy his music here.

I met the other Darryl Ohrt. Only he spells his name with one "r" instead of two. Twitter buddy Doug Meacham alerted me to his existence - and I still can't believe there's ANOTHER Darryl Ohrt. If that's not enough, we work in the same industry! He's a User Experience Lead at Avenue A/Razorfish. Hmmm. If I start acting like a zombie, be suspicious. I'm pretty sure he's a body snatcher, here to replace me.

Springtime finally came to the northeast. We celebrated with a good round of gumbdrop baseball. Basically, we hit gumdrops off the roof of our building, with a wiffle ballbat. (Don't worry - they're just gumdrops. It's not like they can break windows or kill people, or anything.)

We hired Sara! She'll replace Giuli, who's moving to Ohio. Who knows what Giuli will do in the middle part of the country. I think she's going to turn Amish, or something. More details about Sara are coming in about a week. We have a feeling that you're really going to dig her. We already do. (Giuli is sooo last week.)

The grey skies are gone, and Plaidsters are set for a fun weekend of mountain biking, drinking and Comic Con.


Giuli said...

Am not.

Anonymous said...

Totally not. Darryl, your "so last week" comments are so last month. Giuli has a following; I'd becareful if I were you.

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