stop fixing your hair

Super vixen CK just nailed one of the best realizations about photographing life's wonderness.

At any event, there's always the "we need a photograph" moments, where everyone stands in a group, arms over shoulders, and does their best not to blink when the flash pops (I am not capable of this, and it's ruined my modeling career.) In the end, it's these photos that always suck.

The photos that make their way to the top, and into people's hearts are the shots that capture real human emotion. CK writes a beautiful post about the above photo of her meeting Arun for the first time.

If you're a photographer, you're probably saying "duh" right now - but for the rest of us: can we all just refuse those group shots from here on?


Anonymous said...

This photo means the world to me. And while from a "fashion" POV it's about the worst (it's my bad side, my smile is all crooked, my hair is so frenetic as I was literally "flying" to hug Arun who had come so, so far).

But from a purely human standpoint it's the most beautiful shot ever. I am BEYOND grateful to have this "moment in time" captured. As I'll have it forever.

When I was going through the photos of my mother last year after her passing I was amazed to find a photo that captured the absolute happiest moment of her life--and her face wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry (she had just won an election where she was the first woman EVER to hold the role). I'll never forget how lifted or thankful I was to have that 'candid' shot. It's how I feel about this one ;-).

(btw, that shot is here:
and it's the one of her where she has her arms raised and is hollering, if you click to enlarge the photo and look at her face...she is halfway between laughter and tears--she's trying hard to process the emotional overwhelm). Thank you for featuring this and for letting me write such a long comment.

PS: I'm so glad we met through this 'pure' event that I'm proud of. And thank you for being one of the first to sign-up for Blogger Social.

Gavin Heaton said...

I am a huge fan of this shot too. It captures the whole BS08 thing in one image.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Gavin. Although I have to say CK gave me some of the best hugs I got during Blogger Social (I made sure to get a CK hug at each event).
Darryl, thanks for sharing this photo. I love the post title "Stop Fixing Your Hair".
Over the years my husband, Ray Gordon, has done an amazing job of capturing marketing campaigns I have done. One was shooting customers enjoying ZIMA in various locales in Japan. He always goes for the candid shot. We've noticed that other photographers going for the same type of record end up with what we call "grip (the product) and grin" photos. No human experience there.

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