spreading brand hate, via twitter

LessAccounting is taking advantage of the fact that there's a lot of disdain for for their chief competitor, Quickbooks. A quick scan of Twitter shows that the majority of chatter about QuickBooks is negative.

So LessAccounting is celebrating that fact with the creation of We All Hate Quickbooks, Do You?.

This is awesome, for LessAccounting. They've now illustrated to internet workers that:
+ You're not alone in your hatred for QuickBooks;
+ There's an alternative to the product you hate using.

As a small agency that uses Quickbooks - we're in the demo. And we've looked for alternatives to the nasty Mac version of Quickbooks, to no avail. We'll be checking out LessAccounting - because they've captured our attention.

This is a great lesson on both sides of the fence. LessAccounting is capitalizing on a situation that the larger competitor created with a less-than-spectacular product.

Quickbooks needs to do a better job of monitoring the chatter about their product, and become a part of the conversation. They can't hide behind their #1 status forever. They could be using this conversation to their advantage, and improving their product.

In the meantime, tweet away about how much you loathe using QuickBooks. LessAccounting is paying attention.


Ben Kunz said...

Wow. Great concept. Wonder how many brands are not listening to the chatter, and missing this type of opportunity.

Greg March said...

I think all non #1 brands should have an annual ball. Here's how it might play out:


Now if you excuse me I have to go home and put water in Quicken Book's mamma's dish.

Anonymous said...

Listening we are! If you try Less Accounting and really like the product we'd love to use you as a testimonial. If you aren't completely satisfied we'd also love hear how we can improve the app. As long as Quickbooks continues to infuriate small business, we'll be here trying to make life easier!


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