spend a day and a half exploring the dark knight

Our resident Batman expert, Brian Garofalo points us to the massive online campaign that's been produced for the new Dark Knight release.

You can begin your experience on the I Believe in Harvey Dent site. Which will lead you to a batload of microsites, all produced around characters, brands or themes in the film. Extremely well done.

Here's Brian's list of stuff that you can explore so far:

www.clowntravelagency.com (click the envelope then follow the new url:www.acmesecuritysytems.com/delos)
thegothamtimes.com (click the Gotham Times logo on the paper for the "alternate version")

Yesterday, there was a worldwide scavenger hunt, that even involved phone numbers, voicemail and other goodies. Why work, when you can have fun like this??

Thank Brian for being the ultimate Batgeek.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ah yeah, early one night a few weeks ago I began looking into this stuff - then it was 3am. It's a pretty impressive amount of material.

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