smart people agree: brandflakes rocks!

The most important chart to ever be published in the history of the advertising industry, or in the history of charts, or in the history of anything, has just ranked BrandFlakes as one of the 25 most read advertising blogs in the world!

Check out Scamp for the most sweet chart of ad blogs. If you're not already reading other blogs on the list, don't worry. Just keep reading this one. There's really nothing else interesting out there. Stay focused. Ignore everything else. You are getting sleepy. You now believe that BrandFlakes is more popular than the Beatles. Sleepy. You will include BrandFlakes in your next PowerPoint presentation. Very sleepy. Send an email out to everyone in your address book, and suggest that they read BrandFlakes. You are completely relaxed.

When you click this link, you will awake and only remember your love for BrandFlakes.

(thanks Ryan Kuder for pointing this out!)


Garret Ohm said...

I concur. Brandflakes are the way to start the day, baby!

Ben Kunz said...

Brandflakes is the best blog I read (damn you, Darryl) because it combines three great ideas a day with hip coolness and attitude. A reader clicks away thinking, wow, there's a fresh way to view the world again.

Others think longer and deeper, but Mr. Ohrt thinks in a way that makes marketing fun.


Anonymous said...

AHHH, Rickrolled again. I just need to memorize 'ZOU8GIRUd_g' and check every YouTube link before I click it.

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