jet blue owns the internets

Our agency LOVES JetBlue. It's the unofficial, official airline of Plaid. They get branding, they get the internet. And I'm pretty sure they also know how to fly. Now they're even using Twitter. And doing it right.

Yesterday, as I was rolling through my Twitter timeline, I noticed a tweet from JetBlue - warning NY area travelers that there might be weather delays, due to the sucky weather we were experiencing. I know when I travel, I'm constantly checking tweets (more than email sometimes), to keep up - so that's a pretty cool way to keep Twitter users informed.

But it gets even better. Moments later, Brian Shaler (via Twitter) points to some additional detail on how JetBlue is using Twitter.

They get it. They're using tools to be a part of the conversation, to enhance your service experience and to build their brand. Awesome. How could you use tools like no one else in your industry?

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