how competition fuels bloggers

Not all will admit it, but bloggers are pretty damn competitive. Publish a list, a chart, a link guide, and watch everyone scramble to get a better position. So how do you best channel that competitive spirit into a friendly, positive promotion?

Rohit Bhargava did exactly that, to promote his new book Personality Not Included. Rohit created a contest where participating bloggers interviewed Rohit via email, and the public could vote on their favorite interview. Genius. Multiple bloggers interview Rohit, talk about his book, and reach out to their networks to garner votes for their interview.

Linda Sherman (who placed second in the contest) writes a wonderful post about how the promotion fueled her competitive spirit.

Need bloggers to talk about you? How can you get them to rally together, while competing with each other?


Ben Kunz said...

Please note, Brandflakes audience, that I am launching a competition to see which bloggers send me the most money. Please mail cash via FedEx, and I'll publish a list of the top money-mailing bloggers on our site in two weeks.

Feel free to include links to your friends' checking accounts. And hurry if you want to make the Top 100.

Anonymous said...

Thanks about posting on this, Darryl ... it was a really successful experiment and one that I plan to follow up on with another interview idea shortly - so stay tuned! Great to meet you at Blogger Social as well.

And Ben - you might want to open a Swiss Bank Account ... I hear those are particularly useful in getting funds via direct access. Fedex is too slow and leaves a paper trail ...

Anonymous said...

Hi Darryl,
I just landed back in LA. It was delightful to meet you at Blogger Social. Thank you so much for linking to my blog in your post.
Having just launched It's Different For Girls in mid-February, I was able to use Rohit's contest as an excuse to bring people to my blog. While one of the contestants noted that he didn't see the point in marketing his post to send traffic elsewhere, I made sure to appeal to my audience not just to vote but to actually read my interview on my blog. It appears that most of them did that. So for me the process has definitely been a win win.

Dirk Lemon said...

Bloggers are a competitive bunch?

Hah, so true - internally we've got a competition going between our two blogs for visitors, that may well see me making an appearance at the UK Air Guitar championships very soon!

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