Giuli loves her husband more than she loves Plaid.

We've got some sad news to share. Giuli's husband has accepted a wonderful new position at P&G. In Cincinnati. That's a bit of a commute from our offices.

Over the last few weeks, we've attempted to convince Giuli that it's time to leave her husband, and commit to a life of Plaid. That her job here is like a marriage. That we have needs, too. So far, she's not seeing things our way.

So next week, Giuli's leaves for Ohio. The place that's not next to the ocean. That state that doesn't have New York City. The part of the country that almost touches Canada.

She'll continue to work with us (from Ohio) to help us with the transition to her replacement (more on that, next week!)

In the meantime, we have some advice for Ohio. If you want to be prepared for Giuli's arrival, we suggest:
+ Open a Uniqlo and Crate&Barrel store.
+ Have really good sushi.
+ Be less cold.

If you live in Cincinnati, and would like to show Giuli (and her lousy husband) the town, introduce them to other creative people, or offer her employment, please contact her at Giuli (at) thinkplaid (dot) com. She's Plaid-certified AWESOME.


Ben Kunz said...

Dear Cincinnati agency,

Call Giuli. Make an offer. Hire her. She is brilliant, will delight your clients, and will whip your sorry-ass account teams into shape.

Supplies are limited to act now.



Anonymous said...

(Geese not included.)

Anonymous said...

Giuli is a lovely person ... but I completely concur with the assessment of her husband as a louse.

Bob G said...

Dear Connecticut,

Thanks for the recommendation. Love your blog, too.


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