a bunch of stuff that you already knew...

but that's ripe for sharing with your boss: This social media stuff is really, really popular.

Universal McCann just released a new report showing that people really dig social media. That people watch video online. And are participating in social networks. And are beginning to understand RSS.

You will probably say "DUH", but you know you need these bullets for that PowerPoint presentation to the board:

- 83% watch video clips, up from 62% in the last study in June 2007
- 78% read blogs, up from 66%
- 57% of internet users are now members of a social network
- RSS consumption is growing rapidly up from 15% to 39%
- Podcasts are now mainstream digital content, listened to by 48%

More highlights of the 17,000 internet users surveyed last month on ReadWriteWeb.

The photo of Rob's smirk has absolutely nothing to do with this post. I just thought a graph or chart would be really boring. Let's just pretend that Rob is thinking of social media trends in this pic. Which, I believe he is.

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