bloggers left their desktops

Bloggers from around the world left their desktop machines and traveled to NYC this weekend, just to socialize. No panel discussions, no exhibit hall - just a social. Organized by CK and Drew and their countless helpers, this was a memorable weekend for so many reasons:

+ Crayon, through their client ooVoo and the MyooVooDay promotion, donated $30,000 to the Frozen Pea fund. Bloggers making a difference.
+ Loads of bloggers met for the first time in person.
+ The sun came out on the east coast. Proof even mother nature loves bloggers.
+ Rumors had Joseph Jaffe getting a BloggerSocial'08 Tattoo on Saturday night.
+ I wore a tie for the first time in years - and it wasn't a funeral. (At least it was a skinny tie.) It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would.

You can see some of the pics on the Blogger Social Flickr group.

Lots of blog love for CK (as Lady Liberty, above), Drew, Lori Magno, and everyone who did anything to make this happen. What a wonderful weekend, sparkled with some of the coolest, smartest people I've ever had the honor of meeting. Thanks to all for making the trek to NYC!

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Anonymous said...

Darryl, it was great meeting you this past weekend. You cleaned up real nice and looked good in a tie. :-)

One of the takeaways for me is that the socializing and networking are every bit as important as any conference or panel discussion. I believe the connections we bloggers made in New York will have tremendous impact on our personal and professional lives.

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