blogger social this weekend

This weekend, I'll be attending the Blogger Social event in NYC. It's a meat-space social event for some of the most interesting, popular and brilliant bloggers from across the globe. (Or anyone that agreed to participate. Like me.)

There's a really awesome set of profiles of the bloggers who will be in attendance that Steve Woodruff has put together.

The event isn't filled with panels - just social time. Old school, hang with people you have something in common with kind of social time. I'm looking forward to meeting some new friends, and learning a thing or two. I think it's another great example that the blogger community is indeed a community.

If there's anyone on the list that you'd like me to meet on your behalf, ask questions of, or push into the Hudson River, please let me know. Here to serve.

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Anonymous said...


It was great to finally meet you at the Social!

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