best podcast ever recorded

Maybe even the best audio ever recorded. Imagine hearing my voice - drone on and on, about the new Zyrtek campaign, about Earth Day, and online ethics (!)

Now you can. Thanks to The Custom Scoop Magazine and their Media Bullseye Roundtable.

I'm featured on the latest episode, along with experts Sarah Wurrey and Jennifer Zingsheim. Listen to be dazzled. Or listen to count how many times that I say "um."

This is a great series, featuring some really intelligent discussion about marketing, branding, social media and our industry in general. They've lowered their standards for this episode on a one-time-only basis, and assure me that the rest of their shows will feature real guests. Who don't say "um" as much.


Unknown said...


You were a charming and fun guest! We loved having you, and we adore Plaid.


Anonymous said...

Um, I say um way more than you, and I'm the HOST. You're not alone! :)

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