your life is a comic

Put all of your work aside today. Here's something fun that you can do instead. Re-create that stupid scene with you and your co-worker from yesterday, only this time, you get to put your own words in his mouth. And you can give him a bald head and big nose.

Bitstrips lets you create your own comics. You can use the existing library of characters - or create your own. Add yourself and your friends to your scenes.

This is an awesome tool, with loads of possibilities - not all of which are unproductive. What about a slide for that PowerPoint presentation, featuring your boss as a character?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of Microsoft Chat (I think that was the program name), from the old Windows operating systems back in the day--95, 98? It had a similar premise, where you could choose pre-existing characters and their expressions, the setting of the comic strip and the fonts, and it would be a live chat, too. I wonder if that will ever come back.. I guess it could be considered the early version of MMORPGs.

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