websites: so yesterday.

A lot of people are chatting about how the website as we know it is doomed, and a thing of the past. That mashups, feeds and other tools have made full-on sites an unnecessary thing. You can see this happening slowly, already.

Modernista just put it into fast-forward, with the the launch of their new site. That's a screen grab of the site - in the upper left corner, in red. That's right - only a few pixels wide.

The first page lands on the Modernista Wikipedia page, or keeps the site that you've clicked from in the background. And they've used existing social tools to show you their work, their history, their news.

Uber smart concept, and a creative way to show what's possible using existing tools. Beats the hell out of those Flashturbation sites so common with the other big agencies. Totally, totally, awesome.


Garret Ohm said...

Dude, the portfolio is in Flickr. Genius! I also enjoy how it somehow knows where the link to their site came up. When I clicked your link, THIS VERY BLOG ENTRY was the background instead of Wiki.

darryl ohrt said...

Yeah, this is REALLY well done. Creative AND strategy AND tools all coming together beautifully.

Chris Brogan said...

This is so cool! What a great way to do something. Some day, sites will just be a way for "old folks" (me, I guess in a few years) to wrap their heads around what essentially are a bunch of loose pathways to the real meat.

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