victoria secret: for young girls only?

Some will say this is just a cheap excuse to post a picture of a Victoria Secret model. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But - really - Retail Design Diva has a very interesting post about Victoria Secret's brand issues. Turns out that only young girls like to visit the stores.

I attribute it to what I call the retail style curve. Every major mall retailer, and many apparel brands can plot their popularity on a chart, and you'll see cycles of cool ebb and flow. I'm sure that David Armano could craft a nifty info chart documenting the curve. (But that's not as interesting as a Victoria Secret model, is it?)

We've seen Abercrombie rise and fall. American Eagle. Tommy Hilfiger. Polo. Soon, Hollister. Welcome to the style curve, Victoria. Once the younger girls tire of the brand and move on, the older girls can enjoy the brand again.

In the meantime, maybe Victoria's Secret should embrace the youth following, rather than try and appeal to everyone. A bunch of old people will only scare the young people away. And vice versa. Right?

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