twitter lovefest at sxsw. Mat says FU.

I've gone on and on and on about the wonderous tool, Twitter.

It popped big time at SXSW last year. At this year's conference, it's the communication medium of choice, too - as attendees use it to share what parties are hot, what panels are interesting, what celebrities are at the taco joint on Sixth Street. Which is awesome, if you're at SXSW, but might be annoying, if you're not.

Well Mat was fed up, and is now getting everyone back. He's at home in San Francisco, but tweeting as if he's here at SXSW. Pretty funny stuff, if you've been annoyed at all of the SXSW tweets of the last few days.

Related, (and sure to annoy the crap out of Mat), is a cool mashup of Twitter, that allows the tagging of tweets with the same theme. So you can track whatever meme of the moment might be important to you. The SXSW version is pretty much on fire, as you might expect.

(I just realized that if my mom were to read this post, she'd have absolutely no idea what that last sentence means. Buzzwords out of control.)

Tweet on.

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