sneakers as a conversational tool

I'm not much of a conversationalist. Especially when it comes to introducing myself to strangers. But I love sneakers. Really, really love sneakers. And sneaker culture has become its own phenomena - turning shoes into an unexpectedly cool tool, for me.

While sporting some sweet Adidas Gazelles yesterday (above), I met Henning Von Vogelsang, at SWSW. Our paths would likely have never passed, if he didn't stop to comment on my shoes, and on his love for Adidas.

That's when I realized that odd sneakers are my conversation agent. It's a starting point in situations where I might not otherwise introduce myself to people. And it works like magic in a room full of strangers.

Later that night, attempting to meet someone that I only know through the internet, I twitter him to "look for teal and yellow adidas sneakers" at the Google party. Because other than that, internet geeks pretty much all look the same. At the Google party, my internet friend successfully found me, and as he announced that it was the sneakers that gave me away, another complete stranger shouts out - "I just read about those sneakers on Twitter." And another introduction was made.

Today, I'll be sporting my flourescent yellow, pink and green Nike's. Watch out. Lots of new people to meet.

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