global creativity boom: here we come

I met an old friend, Greg last weekend, who works in the entertainment business. We had a fun time catching up. (Not that we weren't already caught up, thanks to Facebook, but anyway...) He was telling me about how reluctant the music industry has been to break down global barriers. From video formats to iTunes sales, there are artificial walls everywhere. Walls created by old-thinking people, who insist on always doing things the way they've been done before.

Greg is a member of the internet worker generation. If you're reading this, you likely are too. We have a different expectation for sharing, communicating and consuming. And there are no walls. Bit by bit we're breaking them down. Those of us on the front lines can see it happening - across industries and all demographics. And of course, it's happening in his industry - just as it's likely happening in yours.

To this point, Bruce Nussbaum writes a typically brilliant post about the effect of social media on your business, and the coming creativity boom.

New, grand things are becoming possible. But you've got to be ready for change. Willing to let go. Of your brand, of your marketing, of your old thinking.

So - take a good look at your business and ask "what walls can we knock down?" (Or who do we need to push off to retirement.) And then get ready for the ride of your life.

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