the free economy is coming

Maybe you've read some of Chris Anderson's writings about the coming 'free' economy. There was a good discussion regarding the theory at SXSW this week, between Mark Cuban and Michael Eisner.

It's happening. The free economy saved David's life the other day. We had just enjoyed some "nuclear" tacos at the SXSW conference. Rob was crying like a little baby, and his nose was running, and his belly was aching. Then the hot hit Dave. He ran out of the taco area, like a man on fire. And what did he find?

The Ice Cream Man. Not just any ice cream man - but the Ice Cream Man who's on a quest to giveaway 500,000 free ice cream treats. Through sponsors, love and goodwill, it's working.

What could your brand make free?


David Plain said...

This man saved my life!

Anonymous said...

Mobile Plaid ice cream van.

Just sayin.

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