cubicle decorating ideas

Lifehacker is having a cubicle decorating contest.

We still believe that cubicles are the biggest lie ever presented to employees. A false sense of privacy. Sure, you won't see your co-worker picking his nose, but you still have to listen to music in headphones, and can't have a private conversation. If it's not private, why pretend to be private? Why not celebrate collaboration, instead? But don't get me started.

We love it when workers break out of cubicle boredom and annoy their neighbors with tacky, stupid decorations. Bring it on. Paint the grey orange. Light your khakis on fire. Revolt, and celebrate creativity. Bored cubicle dwellers, unite!


Anonymous said...

That army one is so me.....I'm with you guys. Cubicles suck major butt. Especially the old burlap-like ones that my old gig had. LAME!


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure camo says stay away.

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