color wars on twitter

Internetebrity ZeFrank recently started using Twitter (again?), and kicked off something grand the other day. He started color wars. Harking back to the days of summer camp, where we were assigned a team, identified by color, and then participated in whatever field day events they had planned.

ZeFrank has brought color teams to Twitter. It started with a simple declaration of "I'm on the blue team", and a revised avatar. And then it spread. And spread. There are people who have now joined teams who don't follow Ze Frank, don't know why there are teams, or how this even started. But they're a part of be determined.

If you follow a bunch of people (and if you don't, what are you doing??), maybe you've seen all the color announcements and references. I hear there was an insult match or something late last night, but didn't stay around to watch.

Are you on a team? What color? I haven't picked a team that I can identify with yet. Looking for inspiration.


Anonymous said...

I was bummed when I clicked on the Plaid team only to find the ugliest plaid I've seen in awhile, since I was fully expecting The House of Plaid to be storming the beaches of Twitter.

Who says we can't start our own color? What's your allegiance?

Thinking In Vain said...

Team Orange!

Although, I have to say that Team Clear and Team Bacon are a bit tempting.

This looks fun - thanks for pointing it out...

Kevin Dugan said...

Love ZeFrank, but the whole color team idea seems like a popularity experiment vs Pea Avatar Friday which was a fun way to raise awareness.

darryl ohrt said...

I'd totally start a team Plaid, if I had time to organize it.

Kevin - while I completely share your disdain for all the a-lister popularity crap that takes place on twitter (don't even get me started), I think Ze's effort was more genuine, and just "let's see what we can do here."

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