chrome and fire and lense flares, oh my.

From the band that brought you the groundbreaking music video DANCE, comes a super rockalicious tribute to cheezy motion graphics.

DVNO is a sweet video celebration of chrome, fire, animated neon and everything else you still see on the small-time news channel intros. Awesome reminder of yesterday.


fem said...

The band is called Justice and here is a shameless plug for one of my favorite Euro electro groups.... They are having a private, non-publicized concert in Toronto on Tues March 18th. The only way you can attend this concert is to win tickets by texting their band name to your certain wireless carrier in Canada and download one of their ringtones. Then you're entered to win tix to the private show. The only way to get in. Pretty nifty and I thought a darn clever opportunity to reach out to their audience using wireless only. Cool.

darryl ohrt said...

That's an awesome promotion, POP. I'd be there if I could get to Toronto. Missed them when they came to NYC.

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