tooth type. the next big thing.

While flipping through the new issue of Future Snowboarding, I found a really cool idea. A feature piece on snowboard star Bryan Fox, featuring the killer portrait featured above.

You've seen diamond and gold fronts on rap stars; and writing on, or customizing your body is far from new. But hand lettering on teeth is cool. Haven't seen a lot of that.

How could you make this cooler? How about a video, with the entire message written on different mouths? Just an idea.

(Awesome photo by Brian Craighill)


Ben Kunz said...

Luckily my teeth tattoos are ultraviolet so I only look supercool on Friday nights with black lights at the club.

darryl ohrt said...

Ben, I'm writing your name on my teeth right now.

Anonymous said...

Gives new meaning to the word Blue Tooth? OH.

Here all week.

Anonymous said...

hah! I just read that piece on bryan! he is a very interesting cat...

and a mouth messaging video? I like it!

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