this week at Plaid

Here's what happened this week at the world's most "it's f'in freezing here" design and branding firm:

Giuli and I raced in the Polar Bear Challenge. Giuli was kind enough to slow her pace through the entire race, so that I wouldn't be running alone. I returned the favor by sprinting ahead of her, right at the finish line, to beat her by one second. (Still can't believe she fell for that.)

We launched a couple of live webcams in our office, so that you can keep track of what's going on in our office. We've set up one camera focused on one of our brainstorm areas, and another one monitoring our bathroom. The bathroom monitor should be interesting, because you'll be able to chart which Plaid employees take the longest bathroom breaks. Let us know if anyone takes too much time. There's some funky stuff going on in that bathroom.

Our elevator went out yesterday, giving us all some much needed exercise. Maybe more than some of us needed.

We've been interviewing like mad, for a couple of new positions here. Will be cool to see some fresh faces in Plaid.

Next week, a few of us head to SXSW! Getting totally stoked.

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