superbowl ads: suck one.

Sooooo...Remember when you used to watch the Superbowl, spot after spot, and thought "wish I thought of that," in amazement of the brilliant conceptual work? Those were the days.

Last night seemed like lots of re-hashed creative ideas that looked like they came out of the first 20 minutes of a brainstorm.

These were my only highlights of creative wondermont:

+ Alice Cooper. Excellent casting.
+ Taste the Smoke. Excellent copywriting/tag line.
+ If stains could talk. Excellent execution.
+ Coke. Excellent family entertainment.
+ Suck One. The only line from the entire night that has a chance of working its way into pop culture. (Ironically, that would have been a good tag line for the Justin Timberlake/Pepsi spot, too.)

I'm just going to work "suck one" into my conversation all day today. Just to see how many times I can do that. You should try it too.


Giuli said...

as predicted, my votes are for the screaming animals ad and the "don't wake up the mama badger ad"

and yes, I actually applauded the dalmation training the clydesdale spot

Seth said...

if my super bowl watching crew is any indicator, i agree about suck one. donkeylips isn't getting as much pop culture love as i thought either. amp could have leveraged salute your shorts perhaps. e*trade had an underestimated the creepiness line that could stick a bit. coke still delivers a smile through content. as a planner, i thought the audi ad was interesting from a strategic perspective. though, i always heard "your strategy is showing" is a bad thing. "old luxury just got put on notice" = strategy in the ppt. still deciding how i feel about the execution.

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