meet chumby.

A few weeks ago, we purchased a Chumby, for our office. We were intrigued by the buzz this little device has been getting.

What's a Chumby?
It's a streaming internet player in a plushy shell. You program your Chumby channel, picking from a variety of RSS streams and widgets. Stream your Flickr photos, Facebook newsfeed, YouTube videos, local weather and so much more.

Chumby also has a touch screen, and motion sensors.

So, why do you need a Chumby? You don't...but you might enjoy it, if you do. We've got a couple of fun ideas, that might be good for your brand:

+ As a door opener for sales calls and promotions. Sure, it's expensive, but if your sales leads are few, and your average sale is big, the investment would be worthwhile. Imagine having a cool device sitting on your potential client's desk that's streaming videos of your product or event, photos of your product, or a live webcam from your event.

+ As a retail display device. Get a few Chumbys, and put together an interactive display that enhances your brand. Utilize the touch screen to create a fun Chumby application that customers can interact with.

+ As an employee motivator or informant. Place Chumbys around your office, and program the Chumby channel to feature company photos, your company's YouTube channel, or webcams from field offices.

Rob and I do our best to show you the Chumby and talk through these ideas, in the video above. (Oh yeah, don't worry - I got a haircut this weekend.)

How could you use a Chumby?

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Anonymous said...

I loved the bag and the little chumby bling. I'm a sucker for these types of things. I found that with it's simple silly little mascot, the Chumby has a light hearted feel, not the "it's new technology and it's hard to use".

I think it's work great at a newspaper or any other sort of media like that. You can have it playing all the news websites and such that way you're always aware what's going on or what other people are writing about.

At the Arizona Republic, they have TVs all round, constantly playing the news. So to have something small like the Chumby is great. You're working but you don't have to switch back and forth to the net to see what's going on.

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