how all magazines should be released

Bones Magazine has the right idea. It's released on line - and dependent on your preference, you can download a PDF (and even print it, if you hate trees), download a 30 minute audio podcast, or a 5 minute video podcast. Or download all three and dedicate your day to Bones Magazine.

This issue is chocked full of really cool photography, illustration, art and inspiration. Enjoy. Stuffy corporate types might not dig this - so just move along...nothing to see here.

Found on MWM News Blog.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking.. is Bones Magazine has printed issues? Well.. I don't have any against with the way it was released but I project that it can only reach minimum subscribers...though

darryl ohrt said...

Good question. I agree, it would be good to have print, too.

I believe that Fast Company is really moving in this direction. With their new Robert Scoble FastCompany TV division, and their always great internet presence - they seem to get it. Was great to read that they're readership (and ad business) is growing substantially.

Not many print pubs can say that anymore.

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