crazy eyes: the new black

First, the Mastercard spot (masterful art direction, btw). And now, Adfreak points to a new print campaign for Renault. I predict everyone's going to be sporting crazy eye by springtime. I'm getting mine installed now.


Anonymous said...

We saw the ad for Mastercard last night and thought it was one of the worst campaigns ever. First, you don't know what the ad is for until the last second. Literally. Second - what does a guy with a freaky eye have to do with MasterCard's core brand? Horrible. Just horrible.

Unknown said...

I don't know, Bill... the priceless campaign has been beaten to death over the years. I believe there was a dire need for a fresh approach. The commercial is captivating enough to hold your attention - like a film short- to the end... and still get the priceless tie in.

I've seen a lot worse in terms of not tying in with the core brand...

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