write this down. seesmic is gonna be huge.

I've been going on and on about how I really believe this is the year for video to make a difference in our internet lives.

We bought Flip Video cameras for our crew here (no tape, and quickly upload with a built-in usb) so that we can document things that happen on the fly around our office. Already, we've recorded some embarrassing moments. My intention is that we'll be more aggressive about sharing video clips on our agency blog, on a more regular basis.

And now, I recently started playing with Seesmic. This is going to be MASSIVE. I'd describe it as Twitter meets video. Which is funny, because almost everyone on Seesmic is also on Twitter.

Possibly the coolest thing of all is its ease of use. Rather than recording and uploading a video clip (although you can do that, if you wish), Seesmic integrates with the camera in your laptop or machine. So with the push of ONE button, you're recording. When done, push another button, and it's published. It's really that simple.

This facilitates some amazing group conversations. Because it's quick and easy to respond to people.

I've also noticed another important dynamic, after only a few days on Seesmic. You become comfortable with yourself on video quicker than you think. I recorded my first Seesmic post and re-recorded it about three times. I was concerned about the way my hair looked, the way I sounded, and the lighting. After about a day or two, you lose all care for these things. Which is awesome for communication.

I've participated in some cool conversations with people from all over the world. About mundane topics like dogs vs cats, and about the latest internet trends. I told a client yesterday that it feels like I've gone to a really awesome party, and just met some cool new friends.

One of the more entertaining Seesmic-citizens, Seth, described the environment (and social spaces like Twitter) as anarchy. In a good way. What's really cool is that everyone is immediately an equal. There are no "a-listers" like what exists in Twitter or the blogosphere. You're only as good as your last post. Traffic or friend counts really have no bearing.

I'll continue to explore and experiment, and report discoveries. But I'm convinced this will be one of the most talked about applications of 2008. And it's only January!! This is going to be a sweet year on the internet.

For now, you'll need an invite to join Seesmic. (And sadly, I don't have any.) My advice is to kiss up to your Twitter friends, and see who has one.

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FJ Gaylor Photography said...

Darryl, Seesmic is "going to be huge" as well as your traffic with a nice link from Loic on Twitter to your post.

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