this week at Plaid

Here's what happened this week at the world's most rockin' design and branding firm:

Giuli got promoted! We've created a new position, "Producer", that will be responsible for managing all projects at the agency. She'll be the point person for clients to get project updates, keep projects on budget, and work with our creatives to get them the tools and information they need. (Basically, she'll make sure that our agency actually pulls off what Diana and I promise to clients.)

We're also hiring. We've got two new positions to fill. The first is a part-time Office Assistant. And we're looking for a front-end web developer. (Details on that position coming in the next few days).

Construction dudes made a ton of progress on our new addition. You can watch a video of before the wall came down, and see David and Justus actually pull an entire wall down. (After Joe and his construction crew pre-cut the boards and removed everything dangerous.)

Our office is an absolute mess, due to the construction. Plastic sheeting is covering half of our space, my desk no longer exists, and we're all struggling through conference calls to the sound of reciprocating saws.

Meanwhile, furniture is starting to arrive. Everyone's pretty stoked about the egg chairs, pictured above.

We started experimenting with our Chumby. It's pretty cool, and we've already got some fun ideas for clients. We'll share more next week.

We lost our internet for a few hours this morning. Seemed like an eternity.

We're off to enjoy a three day weekend, thanks to the wonderful Martin Luther King!


Ben Kunz said...

Congrats Giuli! Does this mean we have to up our offer when we try to hire you? :)

darryl ohrt said...

Ben - you know that I'm a master in Kung Fu, right?

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