people need a tribe

This is AWESOME. Exactitudes is a 13-year collaboration between photographer Ari Versluis and stylist Ellie Uyttenbroek. It's a stunning reflection of how groups of people around the world express their dressing alike. I've always referred to this phenomenon as tribes. People tend to dress like other people in their tribe - even if their goal is to be different.

Our industry is famous for this - how many creative people do you know who frequently dress in black (me, today) and/or who wear the black-rimmed glasses that have become our uniform? Put that person at Walmart, and he stands out. But at the Art Director's Club awards, he blends right in.

I've observed this on so many levels, within all age groups and interests. From punk rockers to the cycling community. From teens to grandpas. And it has everything to do with early adoption, branding and pop culture trends. And it's especially fun to see trends cross from one tribe to another. For me, this is the joy I get in watching people at a mall, an airport or city street.

Hooray to Ari and Ellie for so beautifuly documenting this cultural phenomenon!

Found on Josh Spear.

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