nike plus just totally gets it

Hopefully you've heard about NikePlus. An awesome use of technology coupled with a social site, to inspire runners, and build brand loyalty. Quite a few of us at Plaid are users. (Any other agencies interested in a virtual challenge??)

Make the Logo Bigger Bill just discovered a really fun spot promoting the system. It's funny. And effective. And it's showing the benefit of the product. Not product as in shoes or apparel, but as in the NikePlus system.

The spot speaks to and inspires an audience that aren't hardcore runners. Encouraging them to give it a shot, and use NikePlus to make it more enjoyable. That's smart - they're attempting to grow and inspire a new audience, rather than just focus on converting New Balance users.

What could you do to help potential users of your brand?

1 comment:

Ben Kunz said...

Nike Plus has me up to 6 miles chugging slooowly, but I never, ever would have done this without its motivation. Brilliant. Thank you Plaid for the intro 2 months ago.

Only problem is I think my iPod is blowing my ears out. Can't turn it down when my feet are jacked up.

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