jj abrams inspires at ted

Watch JJ Abrams, the man of the moment, and his presentation at TED. Totally inspiring. See JJ's mystery box, learn about tools, tricks and be inspired. Will make you want to dive into the tools you're surrounded by, and create things.

One of the things that amazed me: the original episode of Lost was written, cast and produced in ELEVEN weeks. I'll never bitch about a production schedule again.

Wanna go to TED yourself this year? There's a pass for sale on eBay.

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Anonymous said...

Am I the only JJ Abrams fan totally disappointed by "Cloverfield?" And the irony is I really wanted to like the movie even before I saw it.

But let's be honest: brilliant first-person camera work and special effects aside, ""Cloverfield" is nothing more than "The Blair WItch Project" on a big budget. Abrams tells us how the movie is going to end within the first 30 seconds of its beginning.

The ending was so predictable it was a letdown. I would have much rather have been surprised by the ending; have the movie NOT end the way I was thinking it would end for the entire movie.

Brilliant camera work, brilliant direction. The writing, however, sucked. Which is weird, because one of the things Abrams is known for is great writing.

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