how to beat the iphone: watch nokia

Nokia's on fire. They've got sweet product placement in Cloverfield. They've got new web2.0 services like Qik practically dependent on them. And they've got something the iPhone doesn't have: video.

You can trick your iPhone into recording video. And some future software release (or the next iPhone) will surely include this. But for now - Nokia's taking advantage of the situation. They're even (supposedly) putting together a nice deal with Facebook. They've found features and benefits that offer something the iPhone can't - and are doing everything they can to make you want them. That's marketing. Awesome.


mikelite said...

Nokia can get placement in every JJ Abrahms project & add in all the wireless Facebooking, MySpacing, Friendstering they want. Symbian, their platform, simply can't compete with Apple. It's ugly, plain & simple.

Ben Kunz said...

Actually the Nokia N95 could be called stunning -- and it's the first cell I've seen with a sweet 5 megapix Carl Zeiss lens that looks like it belongs on a Leica.

The real point is sexy glass sliver designs are becoming a commodity, so the scales are tipping to usability and bandwidth. There are only so many ways to present a big screen, a fine camera, and a little keyboard. Nokia is leap-frogging Apple by focusing on the enhanced utility -- easier upload, DVD quality video -- and faster uploads/downloads that makes the iPhone temporarily obsolete.

Anonymous said...

thiSZ fone Isz soo sexc will there be A chance u Can sell it to mE??

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