does your store have soul?

Retail Design Diva went on a really fun and scientific shopping trip. They went down Madison Ave, for about 20 blocks. They weren't looking for bargains, or the latest fashions. They were looking for soul.

Most stores, as you might expect, felt very much like what Retail Design Diva calls "web stores" - "physical stores with merchandise, staff and everything you'd expect at a store, but operating as if they were little more then a Web site."

And only a handful had what they called 'soul'. That magic combination of product, ambiance, store design and clientèle that makes everything pop. Some of the winners on their trip included DKNY, Juicy Couture and Ralph Lauren.

I wish someone could fund them, and they could do a Manhattan-wide soul audit. And then turn it into a soul-shopping guide. That would be cool.

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