burton: sabotage stupidity

Burton.com has a really fun promotion going on.

There are still four resorts in North America that don't allow snowboarding. Burton's giving $5K to the person or crew that submits the best video of their experience snowboarding at one of these resorts. They'll give away a total of $20K.

Awesome idea. Sure, everyone's jumping on the user-generated bandwagon, but this contest has some originality to it. It reignites the rebel brand image of snowboarding, and positions Burton as a leader in the movement.

I know just the person at our agency who could make this happen....hmmmm. Originally noticed on the Denver Egotist.


Anonymous said...

Well you can take one resort off that list. Taos will be open to snowboarders starting in March.

Anonymous said...

Is the campaign global if so do you know where the international resorts are that don't allow snowboarding because I'm sure the "old" established european places are up there own a*ses aswell

Anonymous said...

the campaign is not global. it's only those 4 resorts in the US that are concerned. and you're wrong, marv. european resorts allow snowboarding everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I really dig Alta, it's probably my favorite place to ski in the world. And I'd probably dig it less if it had boarders. You see, I have nothing against them, but they do trample the perfect snow Utah has to offer. And as many of them that are really cool, there are the poseur punks with 'tude that fall all over the slopes.

So, I say... let Alta be exclusive. It's a great spot and home to some of the best skiers in the world. It's their mountain.

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