black star photography blog now better than ever

Black Star, the infamous photography agency, has launched a sweet new blog geared toward the photography community.

I wrote a guest post - which will undoubtedly drive massive traffic and response and ultimately make the Black Star Rising blog the most popular blog in the history of all blogs.

I'll be posting regularly there, until they wise up and kick me out. Tell your friends.


Scott Baradell said...

Um, I THINK Black Star might prefer "legendary" to "infamous." I mean, it HAS been around for 70 years and has been the agency for some of the greatest photographers of the 20th century...

But you know, since you wrote a really nice post, we'll let you slide this time :)

darryl ohrt said...

So funny. And proof that I'm not worthy of a license to write in the English language.

I constantly use the word "infamous" in the wrong context. In my head, it means "super-famous." (But in my head, language is different than in the outside world. And I can also use words like sweetalicious.)

The last time this happened, I insulted Joseph Jaffe. I really need to remove that word from my vocabulary.

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