the best creepy realtor photos

I know you're tired as all hell of top 10 lists - but this one's awesome. The Top Ten Worst Realtor Head Shots.

I still don't get why the realty industry is the only industry outside of Hollywood that feels a headshot will help their business. Or their brand.

Can you ever imagine anyone choosing a realtor based on looks? "You'll love this guy, Fran - he has the most excellent mustache."

From Coudal Partners.


Unknown said...

I work as a designer in marketing for a real estate company.

Thank. you. for. this. post.

Sophzilla said...

There was a car dealer around here that had his giant face all over his billboards. A giant face with a couple of beautiful gin blossoms. Again, you thought this a good idea because... Thanks for a good laugh!

Anonymous said...

Could you email the whole top 10 worst to me.
It is no longer available on Erics web site.


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