barbershops: the next cool retail

Rudy's is reinventing the barber shop. And they've really done it well. Cool website, space to die for, and people you want to hang with.

Unlike other cool-oriented retail brands that put up the same space from city to city, Rudy's attempts to "become the social hub" of the neighborhood they're in. (Ummm...isn't that what barbershops used to be? Back in the Andy Griffith days?)

If it's Hip has a nice overview of the whole Rudy's experience, and even points to a great feature they had in Metropolis, too. Check them both out.

When we were on tour this summer, we got to visit the coolest barber in Dallas, Texas. (More pics here). Locals referred to him as the rockabilly barber. He was awesome - and we had a blast drinking beer, looking at vintage Playboy mags, and watching Rob get his haircut.

I'm convinced this is a concept that could work on a local, even suburban basis too. Just like coffee shops. You can find a cool, local coffee shop in just about every market in the US. So why not barbershops? Can't wait for the Rudy's near me.


Anonymous said...

And his toilet seat. Don’t forget the toilet seat.

Chels said...

I need to know where this 'coolest barber in Dallas' is!

The place looks amazing and I am going to Dallas w my boyfriend soon..

darryl ohrt said...

Chels -

It's right next door to a bar called "Bar of Soap" :,+dallas,+tx&daddr=3615+Parry+Ave,+Dallas,+TX+75226&geocode=13737615895695297778,32.781412,-96.766674&ll=32.781412,-96.766674&iwstate1=dir:to&iwloc=A&f=d

Definitely worthy of a visit.

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